Project Description

Adding more grapes to an already successful Grapevine


The Grapevine Panel


Brand audit and consultation, UX design, 
website design

An already established brand and well performing platform; updated to bring it inline with its changing audience.

Starting with an established logo, the Grapevine brand was built upon to change its tone of voice both visually and verbally.

Grapevine website designer

Gerri the grape

Meet ‘Gerri the Grape’. A happy chappy you will notice.

Gerri has an important role. What Gerri does is introduce the vine, as he part of said vine and Gerri loves company…

The Grapevine Panel website design

And Gerri keeps giving

Typical Gerri. Always giving. 

Highlighting the benefits of being a member of The Grapevine Panel, Gerri’s delight is expressed in a number of ways that reflect the user experience of being a fellow grape on the vine.

The Grapevine Panel website designer

A clear goal

Gerri aside, the goal of The Grapevine Panel is to engage with users and encourage them to be part of a market research programme that influences consumer products and services. 

A newly developed 5 step process guides the user through a simple sign up form to introduce them to the opportunities that The Grapevine Panel offer.

Grapevine 5 step UX Design
Grapevine 5 step UX Design
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