Project Description

A bar and restaurant brand that brings New York grit and glamour to London


HUCKSTER London, Paddington


Brand identity, experiential design,
website design, advertising, photography

The brain child of a previously established and successful founder of a chain of London bars, the client had a written idea for the concept of a late 1980s New York inspired bar in Paddington, London.

The idea is a venue serving up cocktails, street food and coffee, taking inspiration from the late 1980s and a gritty Downtown New York vibe. The brand design reflects this with nods to New York street scenes, 1980s glitz, and of course a clear delivery across print and screen applications.

Identifying the offer

Working closely with the client we developed a complete visual experience to deliver the concept, brand and ethos to our target demographic.

Designing the main brand and sub-brands provides clear platforms for the customer to engage with the different aspects of the offer, each with an independent feeling.

Clear and effective logo designs that reflect the products they represent while adding personality throughout the brand as a whole builds up the HUCKSTER story and offer, holding their own both as a suite and independently.

HUCKSTER Street Food Logo Designs
HUCKSTER Bookable Spaces Logo Design

Consistently building the brand

With a multi-platform brand design from inception, HUCKSTER is engaged with its audience across print, web, social media and experiential activities that converses with its audience clearly.

A constant evolvement of the brand reacts to market and demographic demands while maintaining its core integrity and feeling. This allows the HUCKSTER brand adapt to a changing climate ensuring maximum exposure and engagement.

HUCKSTER Business Card Design
HUCKSTER Newsletter Sign Up Flyer Design
HUCKSTER Email Newsletter Invite Design
HUCKSTER Drinks Menu Design Clipboard
HUCKSTER Bar and Restaurant Website Designer
HUCKSTER Poster Design

Inside and out

Liaising with the interior designers, KAI Interiors, a joint vision is maintained from branding design to interior design. Using a mix of neon and light box signs the interior of HUCKSTER is a gritty Downtown New York experience.

Designing the brand beyond the screen and the printed page ensures the vibe is maintained from the first glimpse of the website all the way to the toilets.

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