Something I am so very passionate about is cycling, in particular downhill racing. From the local scene to the world scene every aspect of it is amazing. The people, the bikes, the media, the small worldliness of it all and of course the product.

Designing race kit is something I relish; it makes the rider stand out and they have their picture taken – everyone is happy! I even saw the Pete Yates Cycles jersey (below) on television over the weekend, well, an internet streamed race that was plugged into a TV, never the less, the design stood out. It did its job. At the end of the day cycling and its riders are all product obsessed, why not have a team of billboards on wheels! Sponsored or not, those who partake in this sport are gagging to see photos of themselves from a race smashing a berm, whipping a jump or even falling off. Thus this little world drives consumerism like you would not believe – to have that next new bit of kit, the lightest, the brightest and the stuff that Sam Hill rides (look him up here if you don’t know).

Striving for uniqueness with components doesn’t come into it like it might do at a t-shirt parade in a drug fuelled club in Digbeth, but to have your very own team kit does.

(photography by yours truly, ‘model’ Gavin ‘Dingboard’ Passmore)