The long awaited London premiere of Bicycle The Film made it’s way round to the Barbican. Fortunate enough was I to secure a ticket to the sell out showing I bumbled along with a heart full of passion for the sport I love so dearly. I wasn’t disappointed, nor did I expect to be, with a BAFTA winning chap (Michael B.Clifford) at the helm. The film tells a powerful story of the humble bicycle from it’s early beginnings in Coventry to the Olympic glory and successes of Team GB. Legends non other than Chris Boardman, Rob Warner, Tracey Moseley and the mad genius of Gary Fisher and Mike Burrows feature to tell the story.

The most pertinent story of all though, was the neglect our country showed to the bicycle in the advent of the car. Birmingham, a prime example. A hugely positive message on the future of cycling in our country ran through which really stirred up my (and the rest of the crowd I hope) passion for the glorious machine. It can only get better for us as a nation we just need our priorities to change.

Long live the bicycle. I’m going for a nighttime ride.